Post-Birth Control and PCOS

  • After you stop birth control, it is important to balance your hormones and support detoxification before getting pregnant
  • Replacement of nutrients lost due to birth control
  • Getting off birth control can leave you with many symptoms that were not addressed before starting
  • *PCOS symptoms include unwanted hair growth, weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, infertility *
  • Weight loss resistanceis commonly seen in PCOS due to the hormonal imbalance. Your hormones can be tested
  • Many herbs and supplements work synergistically to lessen the effects of PCOS and bring on a normal menstrual cycle
  • When women with PCOS are treated as individuals and their hormones are addressed with a personalized plan, they get better
  • *Symptoms of post-birth control are acne, hair loss, weight gain, painful periods, headaches, depression, emotional ups and downs, *
  • Heavier periodsand more pain may occur when you stop
  • Detoxification after stopping birth control can lessen the effect on your body and ease the transition
  • The symptoms that led to utilizing birth control often return when you stop
  • Post pill acne
  • After you stop birth control, you may not get your period or it may be irregular
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